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By no means do I consider myself a ‘writer’ ... English is my fourth language and I spent quite a bit of time in ESL. As I travel and immerse myself into different cultures, I like to write how the words fall into my mind, sometimes not making much sense and most times with horrible grammar and plenty of typos.

I was born in Poland and moved to Greece at only 11 months old,  eventually settling down in Canada. My father documented our family’s adventure with a film and video camera. I've followed in my dad’s footsteps by capturing and cherishing memories through a lens. In 2012 I began my full time career as a professional portrait photographer at Natalia Anja Photography in Vancouver, Canada. In 2015 I was fortunate enough to win a YouTube contest to join the Global Degree travel series which re-ignited my lust for travel. As a team we documented 32 countries together throughout Asia and Europe. I had the time of my life! In 2017 I ventured out on my own to start capturing my own content for this blog.

I want to share my experiences, encourage others to share theirs and hopefully inspire a couple of people to step outside of their comfort zone. My biggest goal is to always pay it forward. I want to use my voice to partner with people who may not have the opportunities to help themselves.

Life to me is about giving, loving and experiencing.

I hope you enjoy my random stories, photo's and have a good laugh at my...  

f o r e i g n . g r a m m a r